#BlackPrivilege ABSA Lets Black Manager Keep Both Jobs After Extreme Racism, Yet Whites Lose Jobs & Get Jail for Lesser Comments!

INTERNET DOES NOT FORGET: Nearly two years ago SA-News

#Blackwash Roll Call of #FarmMurders & #FarmAttacks Totally Ignored as Liberal World’s Virtue Signaling Reaches Existential Proportions!

DO WHITE LIVES MATTER? Farm attacks and murders have

How The ANC Weaponised Covid19 Pandemic to Push Black Supremacy & Implement Totalitarian Control. Pity ICC is Toothless!

SA-News takes a blow-by-blow look at how the ANC

#WhiteLivesMatter Systemic Black on White Violence Like Farm Murders, are Deliberately Ignored as Black Supremacist Hysteria Hijacks Social Media, Mainstream & The Establishment!

#FactsMatter - White males simply do NOT rape, torture

Stories of White Exclusion by Black SA Government! Yet Only 11% of Total Applications for CCP-Virus SMME Assistance Scheme Approved!

The Black South African government, which defended its right

#GangsterState ANC Voters Are Traitors for Rewarding Institutional & Structural Corruption & Stealing from the Taxpayer!

The ANC bandits have literally been allowed to not

Racist Black Police Officers Confiscate Food Parcels From White Families as More Incidents of Institutional Racist Abuse of Whites Come to Light in Lockdown SA!

Police Literally Stealing Food from the Mouths of Children!

Transform or Starve! Racist Minister of Tourism, Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane “Spreading Lies” as ConCourt Dismisses One Applicant in Action Against ANC’s Racebased Covid-19 Aid!

The embattled minister of Tourism, whose spokesperson infamously claimed

ANC Regime Misuses #COVID19 To Expose Farmers To Harm, Attacks & Stock Theft by Banning Farm Patrols in Remote Rural Areas! Deliberate?

#CCPvirus: South African farmers are now at the mercy

Apartheid 2.0 – Black Supremacist ANC Implements Racist Criteria for Government COVID-19 Assistance, Despite Calling it Fake News! DA & Afriforum Will Fight This Race Based Aid!

The ANC regime has announced a racial framework for

SA Will End Far Worse Than Venezuela, Because… “Racism”! As Month Long Siege of Barberton Ends, Mainstream Media Continues to Hide ANC’s Socialist Power Grab!


VIDEO: Australia Becomes Complicit in Genocide! Denies Asylum to Victim of Racist Rapist Who “liked seeing white people suffer”!

Australia has become complicit in genocide as they deny