Terrorists just wanted to shoot say victim who was injured during farm attack

Me. Sonja Joubert, the girlfriend of Mr. Jasper von Kleist (61) whom was shot in a farm attack, said it did not seem that the terrorists wanted to rob anything but actually just wanted to kill the people on the farm.

Mr. Von Kleist, a foreman on the farm Dale in the Tom Burke area, died after being shot in the upper body. Me. Joubert was shot twice. One shot through her arm and the other through her shoulder.

Mr. Charlie Solomon, son of the well-known farmer and farm owner Mr. Nico Solomon was also injured while trying to flee from the four armed attackers.

An extremely emotional me. Joubert showed the bloody scene to the leader of FF Plus in Limpopo, Marcelle Maritz,where she and Mr. Von Kleist sat watching television watching when they heard shots outside. Here is her verbal version:

“Jasper jumped up and at that moment the men started shooting through the front door. The door had glass windows and they could see us inside. After the first shot hit me, Jasper jumped in front of me and he was shot in the chest.

“Another shot struck me and we fell down with Jasper who lay half over me. I heard him wheezing. Then the wheezing stopped and I felt how he stopped breathing. Then I knew he was dead.

“The men said nothing, asked nothing. They just shot on us from outside. It was if they just wanted to kill us, nothing else … ”

About five hundred farmers from the area helped the police with the search for the terorists. A helicopter and a light aircraft were also used. According to the police, cellphones were robbed.

Photo: Marcelle Maritz and Sonja Joubert

The original article can be found on Die Vryburger in Afrikaans.