Terrorists threaten to throw fuel over a farmer near Potchefstroom and set him on fire during farm attack

Farm attackers threw fuel over a farmer near Potchefstroom early on Wednesday morning to set him on fire, fortunately he distracted and disturb them by firing a shot with his gun.

However, he suffered mild burns after the attackers set fire to the house, says AfriForum national operational coordinator Marius Muller. “The damage was bad, the roof fell and the farmer’s vehicle burned out.”

The five attackers knocked at the farmer’s door at 5:00 on Wednesday morning. They told him that his mother, who lives in another house on the farm, needs help.

“When he opened the door, they attacked him. They robbed the house and stole R110 000 and a hunting gun out of the vault. They threw fuel over him, took him to a room and said they were going to burn him. ”

However, the farmer had a gun under his bed and shot on them. The attackers set the house on fire and ran away.

The police could not immediately provide details about the attack.