Cyril Ramaphosa wants to open our borders for more foreigners to come into South Africa with the signing of the AfCATA declaration at the AU summit held in Rwanda.

On top of millions of illegal immigrants who are already here, while we have a huge unemployment rate of 27 % (ie. 5.5 million people are unemployed) with 40% of it being the youth, he wants free movement of more “unemployed”.

There is also a high crime rate in South Africa with 19 000 violent murders in 2017 alone, according to Police figures, 1700 farm murders since 1997, and 12 245 farm attacks, this is almost 2 farm attacks a day, and 94 farm murders every year.

Why not create employment for genuine South Africans first before bringing in more foreigners?

Who will feed these extra people coming into our country while our Farmers are mowed down every day?

By:  Lawrence Lolo Letsoalo