The beginning of the end – Land grabbers staked their claim on farmland at Kriel

A large group of landgrabbers illegally occupied the private land of two farmers in the Kriel district on Sunday August 19,2018.

The landgrabbers decided to occupy the farmland that are situated near Secunda.

According to Mr. Hennie Bekker, Afriforum’s district coordinator in Mpumalanga, the landgrabbers showed no aggression, but the situation is being monitored.

Bekker who was on the scene yesterday had a talk with the farm owners and the police.

“We understand people’s need and frustrations, but this is private ground. It is also already prepared for the next planting season. ”

Mr. Bekker said local councilors had arrived and are now conducting talks with the occupiers.

“This remains private property. It seems that politicians make a playground of the land issue, “Mr. Bekker said.

Bekker also made it public that there were no confrontations between the farmers and the people.

According to sources, the invaders were apparently promised land by the local municipality, but the intended land was not suitable for human settlement.

This matter must now be addressed by the local authorities.