The Inhumane Brutality At The Soccer Stadium Is A Symptom Of How Black Are Going To Violently Tale The Land!!!!!!! – Dumisa Mbuwe


Blacks have proven themselves for 24 years to be completely useless at doing anything that is worthy of taking our beloved Mzantsi forward.

If they are not hopelessly poor as result of keeping the ANC in power for 6 barren presidential terms. Then they are busy robbing, murdering and raping their own Black people. While most of their men relish the habit of fleeing faster than hyenas at the sight of Black women pregnant with their own children.

78% of grade 4 learners cannot read (for understanding). Our economy hasn’t grown beyond 1% GDP in years, people are still losing their jobs quicker than increases in food prices, and the effects of a rise in VAT are already becoming visible.

Meanwhile, only 20% of South African students complete university on time (the remaining 80% are mostly Black, struggle to read, think independently, write or even communicate in English.

This is in addition to being too financially crippled to even begin a 3/4 term at a university, despite billions being spent annually by the government in funding. The same approach which is now euphemized as “Free Education”). While youth unemployment is still approaching 60%.

In these dire circumstances, is it any wonder why there is more concern for Land Expropriation, and less support for ensuring that there won’t be another Michael Komape, a Black 6-year-old who drowned from drowned from falling inside a deep, unsafe homemade toilet pit at his school during lunch break?

[Even during Apartheid, Black children did not commonly die from unsafe toilet pits at their schools. Even if they did, it wouldn’t be surprising for an evil regime as Apartheid that fundamentally hated Blacks. Hence it is surprising now under a Black ANC government. They did, however, finish high school, as well as graduate from university (on time) with so much ease that progress at universities during Apartheid was much higher than today’s].

Instead of catering to this need, we cater to the need we can easily satisfy – Violence. Vicious Barbarism.

We (Bantus, contemporary Blacks who were the first Colonialists in Southern Africa before the arrival of Whites) descended upon the Khoi-San in South Africa with (evil) spirited violence to take away their Land with our Spears. The same way Blacks beat each other up, including a male security guard almost to death at a soccer stadium to death this past weekend.

Yet we call Whites Colonial racists as if we did not colonialise Southern Africa first from the Khois-San and we are still brutally killing Black/African foreign nationals everytime we get the chance (instead of calling this Murderous Racism, we call it Xenophobia). Are we not Delusional?!

It’s because we have not yet fully evolved from our violent, barbaric ways. Monstrous ways which can be fully balanced-out with good, qualitative education, and jobs (thus yielding a way more decent, peaceful and prosperous Black populace). An enterprise that South Africa was Cursed from excelling in after 1994.

[Thank you once again to the ANC’s paralysing Public Education and Failed Socio-economic Policies].

Then you wonder why SA Blacks behave more inhumanely (barbaric) than other races in SA, (like Whites and Indians). Even though SA Blacks have had 24 years to reap the finest fruits of Freedom via a democratic, liberating education system that properly addresses and redresses the injustices of the past, via a Black ANC government.

Instead, South Africa’s education system only assures us that we were way better off under segregationist Apartheid, and it’s racist Bantu Education (studies show that 60% of South Africans already share this view). Then we are under the most corrupt, murderous and criminalistic ANC that is bent on oppressing Blacks in Nguni languages than in English or Afrikaans!

It is true, any beginning must be preceded by an End. The end for South Africa is long begun.

A New Beginning will only emerge the day Black South Africans openly Denounce the ANC for Sodomizing our beautiful Country. And turning it into a Malnutritioned Crack-smoking, pregnant 24-year-old broke, deranged Black girl; who stands barefoot, aimlessly on filthy township street corners looking for depraved male customers.

She’s already a dead, walking zombie and she knows it. Unless she admits her Folly and Turns Away from her Evil Master (the vile, Satanic ANC). Only then will she begin to walk towards Life!

Let’s just hope that day won’t be later than sooner.

More and More Blessings!

2018 Dumisa Mbuwa