The naked truth about land reform in SA – successful land claimers prefer to take money and not land

Since 1994, the state has acquired a total of 8.2 million hectares of land in the land reform process during restitution and redistribution. This process has costs the country up to R39,2 billion. Of these, claimants in 93% of all successful land claims chose to take money and not land.

This statistic, obtained from government itself, is based on parliamentary questions to the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, is the naked truth about land in South Africa.

Dr. Pieter Groenewald of FF Plus expresses his concern the ANC and Cyril Ramaphosa is telling to the world why he deems it necessary to expropriate land without compensation to correct the “injustices” of the past and because “the masses are starving.”

“The statistics tell, however, first of all that the” masses “apparently do not have a hunger to possess land, but thye are rather after it for money, and that the process has previously been seen as a way to easily get money.

“In addition, the state acknowledges that it is in possession of virtually all land purchased with taxpayers money over the last 24 years.

“Millions of hectares of land that were bought and paid for in 24 years can then be handed out over the next 24 years without costing a cent and without having to buy or buy a single hectare of any person. The state acknowledges that it owns about 17 million hectares of land, “said Dr. Groenewald.

In reply to the FF Plus’s latest questions, the answer is that 3.3 million hectares have been obtained through the restitution process since 1994 and 4,9 million hectares by redistribution. It is a total of 8.2 million hectares.

The restitution process amounted to R21,6 billion and the redistribution process was R17,6 billion. Regarding restitution, an amount of R13.5 billion was paid to claimants who chose money above the ground.

“The above also serves as proof that the ANC deliberately deceives the public by giving farmers a great reason why the land reform process is slowing down and prices are blown up.

“Since 93% of plaintiffs chose money rather than land, it meant that the state had to pay the farmer and afterwards the plaintiff for the same land, which made the price for a lot of land more expensive. In some cases up to 63%.

“This amount amounts to R13,5 billion according to the parliamentary response. The seller has nothing to do with it. The government has already recognized that it currently owns four thousand farms that can be used for redistribution.

“The government also acknowledges that 90% of previous redistribution programs failed. These farms are also in state ownership. ”

Dr. Groenewald accuses the ANC government of deceiving the country and the world about the true land reform situation in South Africa. He is prepared to keep a flame in front of a powder vessel, to expel investors and to threaten food security just to hide his own failure as government and to attract voters to the polling station.

“He deceives the public in particular by saying expropriation without compensation is the only way to speed up the distribution of land.”

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