The State Supplies Arms To Criminals: Robbers Raid 9 SAI Battalion Base, Steal R4 Rifles

 Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I permit myself more than occasional spells of righteous indignation. Any sentient person held hostage by the machinations of the incumbent South African government and its president would themselves likely be familiar with such emotions.

Like an overly generous Pandora’s Box of endless shenanigans, our State truly is the gift that keeps on giving. And yet again they did not fail to disappoint us.

Early yesterday morning five armed criminals robbed the 9 SA Infantry Battalion’s base in Harare, Khayelitsha.

They overpowered the gate guards (guard clearly being a passé, redundant term in the SANDF), stole the R4 automatic rifle and ammunition in their possession, and forced their way inside the military base. The robbers then proceeded to overpower a further five (yes, five. As in 5. As in the upper limit of our President’s arithmetic) soldiers in the armoury guard room (again that word “guard” inconveniently cropping up) and forced them to open access to the weapons storage safe. Here they stole a further five R4 automatic rifles.

Let me provide a brief recap in case the penny has not fully dropped: five (5) armed criminals overpowered seven (7) soldiers tasked with guarding the entrance and armoury of a SA Army base, and escaped with six automatic military rifles and ammunition.

This shocking event comes hot on the heels of FLASH Western Cape targeting firearm dealers and holders of expired licence cards by means of warrantless search and unlawful seizure of private property, sub-judice intimidation, and harassment in contempt of a High Court order (a topic worthy of its own article once the dust has settled). The aforementioned episode of rancid megalomania was only brought to a grinding halt thanks to the intervention of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee and the acting National Commissioner, who pulled the choke-chain of those responsible for this contemptible behaviour before they could cause further unwarranted harm.

The State has behaved in an utterly fascist and despotic manner towards law-abiding citizens who own firearms and firearm dealerships, yet they have been completely incapable of securing their own arms. Today’s incident is also not an isolated event. I have written numerous articles previously in which I warned that something like this was inevitably going to happen:

This is, in short, disgraceful. It is gross criminal negligence involving the highest echelons of SANDF and SAPS officials and government. In fact, the matter is so serious I would say it borders on treason. Yet we have seen zero accountability from any officials, be they elected or appointed, regarding any of the previous incidents. I am thus not expecting that we shall see anything of the sort during the aftermath of this outrageous caper.

Our government keeps squeezing the citizenry tighter with ever increasing taxation and regulations, yet are incapable and unwilling to perform their duties and accept their responsibilities. South Africans are constantly told that their rights and freedoms must be ever more regulated and licenced for their own good, especially when the State and their boot-licking sycophants are arguing for tightening of gun laws (which has not worked, by the way), yet criminals can merely waltz into a guarded military base and help themselves to automatic weapons and ammunition as if they are going for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

What we are witnessing is chronic and terminal Government Failure.

Until we see people (especially high ranking officers) court-martialed and jailed for this grievous and unacceptable oversight, tell me again who is failing whom and where the real danger lies?

Gun Servant/EWN/SAT