The swine! – Watch video where Ramaphosa lies through his teeth over farm murders and illegal land grabs

In a video clip taken during Cyril Ramaphosa’s visit to the United Nations in New York, he stated clearly that no white farmers were killed on farms and that no illegal landgrabs was taking place in South Africa.

TLU SA says that at least 43 people were killed on farms this year, of which 20 were white farmers, according to its authoritative database.

A significant amount of illegal land occupations that took place were reported by the national media. Where the country’s president comes to these blatant lies, only the man in the moon will know, says TLU SA president, Mr. Louis Meintjes. “Clearly, the president’s understanding of brutal South African realities is the result of highly twisted ideological tunnel vision. He lies through his teeth. ”

Dr. Pieter Gronewald says Cyril Ramaphosa’s denial of farm murders and land grab in South Africa is dishonest and a blatant lie. “It’s a pitiful attempt to make a mistake for foreign countries in this regard.

“The president is either totally deceptive or he is doing a blatant attempt to fake the United Nations (UN) and the world perception, especially on farm killings.

“The fact that the police themselves announce the statistics on farm murders and attacks, as well as previous police reports on farm attacks, acknowledge the reality of farm murders and attacks and it makes it unthinkable that the president of the country is in a state of denial about it and thereby letting the farmers down.

“On the one hand, he tells how important farmers are, but abroad he betrays them.

“If the president wants to be truly honest with the world, he should have asked for international assistance to see how a contribution can be made to combating crime in South Africa, and in particular farm murder which is partly the cause of the inadequate rural security system and strategy in South Africa, “says Dr. Groenewald.

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