#TheAfricanWay: Orange Free State Too Dangerous To Live in? Winburg & Kroonstad Have Dead Pigs & Raw Sewage in River & Dam, Too Polluted to Purify!

Winburg and Kroonstad’s water has become so polluted that it is not possible to purify it with chemicals anymore. The water supplied in the pipe system and coming out of taps in the towns has become so polluted by raw sewage, that it has become impossible to drink because of the serious health hazard.

In Winburg the water that is coming out of taps is grass green since 28 December 2019. The DA has now laid criminal charges in terms of the Water Act against the Mayor and municipal manager for criminal negligence for their failure to provide clean water, but what will that help?



Local residents have placed pictures on Facebook of dead pigs that float in the water in the Vals River which flows past Winburg and through Kroonstad. The local dam is also completely polluted by raw sewage. Brunhilde Rossouw, a local DA councilor, says the sewage pump system has not been working for 3 years. A spokesperson for the municipality fobs it off only saying that there is a drought and that that is the reason why the water in the taps is green, he said nothing about pollution or raw sewage in the water.

Unpalatable brown water is pouring from taps in Parys due to many years of poor maintenance and neglect by the incompetent ANC-regime

The rot in this municipality is also just a reality which is repeated everywhere in the Free State to a lesser or more serious degree. What it does also show is that what is happening there is just the advance of #TheAfricanWay to the Free State which was once a lush and beautiful province with beautiful towns.

#TheAfricanWay will always ensure that looting and negligence is the order of the day and nobody will care. The African Way means “Tt is my turn to feast at the table and to hell with the rest“. This is what will happen all across the country where black Africans are in charge because this is their way. They don’t care about building anything sustainable and about such concepts as accountability, maintenance or service standards, not even their own people suffering under these conditions will care. This is the harsh reality and plain facts. Jacob Zuma himself said corruption is a Western word…