This is absurd! – BLF welcomes the fire on Johann Rupert’s family farm

POSTED ON FEBRUARY 7, 2018 BY BLACK FIRST LAND FIRST – We are excited by the news that fire has broken out in some of the farms currently illegally owned by the Rupert family. Black First Land First (BLF) believes that the fire is the retribution by our black God. The fire is just and welcomed.

In May 2017, BLF gave whites until December that year to meet as whites and decide how to return our land. But like the stubborn and arrogant pharaohs of the bible, whites have responded with laughter at our call. We prayed to our black Gods to give us strength, unity and to punish those who stole our land. We prayed for draught and we prayed for fire upon the thieves.

Our black God is slowly answering our prayers. Whites, for the first time since they arrived here from Europe, are experiencing lack of water. Before they arrived here we had the water. They came and took our land and water.

BLF believes the fire on the Rupert farms is part of the fulfilment of the prophesy as recorded in Matthew 3:11. BLF wishes to ask all black people who work on farms to refuse to take the fires out. This fire is a Godly fire and as we all know that which God has started no man can doze off. We warn farm workers, please do not put your lives at risk. This fire is here to purify our land so that we may know peace and prosperity again.

All farms on stolen land are legitimate targets of the Godly fire. This is what was prophesied and the time has come for black liberation. More fires are going to break out. The Rupert farms in Mpumalanga shall also see fire not long from now.

We pray for more fire. More wind to make the fire burn bigger and more fierce. We pray for blacks to unite and fight.

We thank our God for hearing our cries.
Land or death!