Trump has caused quite a stir amongst the Libs in SA with his recent Tweet

The South African government and other leftists parties have been clearly opposed by America’s president Donald Trump’s announcement that he asked his foreign minister to investigate land expropriation without compensation and farm murders in South Africa.

The ANC government’s foreign minister immediately announced that South Africa could resolve its own issues through mutual dialogue.

Journalist that supports the ANC-regime have tried to coin out a single wrong piece of information from Trump, but could not succeed.

Agri SA immediately attacked Trump and said he is causing racial tension with his Tweets.

A representative of TAU SA said they welcomed Trump’s inquiry, as TLU SA has been conducting an international campaign against farm murders for years, and that it they are also against the government’s planned theft of land.

The FF Plus said they had already sent a request to the US Embassy in South Africa to request a meeting with it’s affiliates about the situation in South Africa, and in particular, the affairs that America’s president pin pointed.

Just after Trump’s announcement, the rand has weakened since there are fears that Trump may set sanctions against South Africa.

The economist, Dawie Roodt, warned that Trump’s action should not be taken lightly and that he was able to hurt the South African economy.

The original article can be read in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger