Two black cops rape white guy in public, “because he was white”, according to victim.

Shocking footage of alleged police brutality in Fourways emerges (WARNING: Graphic images)
DOUGLASDALE – A video has emerged which depicts police brutality by members of the Douglasdale Police.

According to Anton and Shane (not their real names), who narrate their experiences with the police officers in the video, the incident occurred on 18 August at 3.30am in Pineslopes.

The men said they were on their way home when a police vehicle parked behind them and told them to get out of their car.

Anton exited the vehicle but Shane was taking longer to do so and the police officer allegedly pulled him from the vehicle aggressively, hit his head on the ground and also hit his head with the butt of the gun.

One of the officers said, “If you move, I will kill you.”

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The assault continued.

In the video, Anton cries out, “Help I can’t breathe.”

The police officers allegedly held and twisted Anton’s ankle, threatening to break his leg and strangled him until he lost consciousness.

The police officers pulled down Anton’s pants and “carried out a rectal search” in public.

They then went on to “search” the area around his testicles but could not find anything.

The officers waited for Anton to regain consciousness and then told the men to never do “this” again.

Anton incurred injuries to his head, ear, neck, tongue, knees and ankles.

Warrant Officer Balan Muthan, spokesperson for Douglasdale Police, decided to reserve comment until a later time.

Douglasdale Community Police Forum chairperson Jean Berdou said the forum is shocked and disappointed to learn of the surfacing of an allegation of this sort against two members of the Douglasdale police.

He said the matter on viewing the video appears serious and the forum has contacted senior police management to follow up on this matter.

“We learnt that the incident occurred between 18 and 21 August in the evening and has been reported and is under several investigations for processes. The first is a criminal investigation and second is a departmental investigation,” said Berdou.

He added, “Four aspects are being thoroughly investigated, and we appeal for calm whilst the process unfolds. We ask the public to be vigilant and to realise that the vast majority of our police officers are law abiding, hardworking and put their lives on line every day.”

He said the Douglasdale police shall not in any way tolerate or condone unlawful behaviour by any police officer against any community they serve.

Berdou said the Douglasdale CPF will be monitoring the investigation in this matter, including the independent investigation, in order to ensure that the processes are followed fully and where accountability is required that we assure the public that it will anyone who serves the community is as much accountable of the law as any citizen.

“The forum has put many man hours into building their outstanding relationship between the community and police. We appeal to the public not to allow this incident not to damage the working relationship between the public and the police which is otherwise essential in combating crime. We continue to urge the community to work with the police to eradicate crime in all its forms for the ultimate benefit of all our community members.”

In the video, Shane shared his reasons why he was attacked by the officers. He said it may have been because Anton and him were alone, there was no one close by and they are white.