#Victimology: DA MP Justifies Crime – Not Angry At Man Who Shot Him For His Rolex Watch, Says He Would Commit Crime Too If He Was Unemployed & Poor!

Extreme political point scoring: A DA MP who was shot in an attempted robbery, has used the classic victimisation ideology of the left to turn an attack on him, into political advantage. He claims he is not angry at the man who shot him and that he understands why people commit crime, and that he would do the same if he was in their shoes! Liberalism is infecting people’s brains which leads to self brainwashing because of the inherent madness of the ideology.

Cameron Mackenzie, a Democratic Alliance member of Parliament, says he is not angry at the man who shot him in his arm, because he did not want to give his Rolex watch away fast enough. Cameron says that he understands why people are committing crime. He says there are almost 25 million poor people in South Africa and that if his children did not have something to eat, he would also commit a crime! In a normal world, the left wing would be crying about gun control, but because the shooter is black, left wing hypocrisy appears!

Well, Cameron, how about WORKING to feed your children? How about not making lots of children with different women who then have to grow up with granny (if they are lucky) and rely on SASSA handouts? We have seen many black men in the townships with 7 different “wives”, one for each day of the week, to go scrounge off, while the poor women think he is off “looking for work” the other 6 days! Yet not a word from the Soros funded feminazis in SA about this? Soros funds the DA too.

How about doing something about the demand culture so prevalent in South Africa that makes people believe that everything must be for free, and that you can just go and take what someone else has worked for? How about helping to instill a sense of responsibility in the black African population to do proper family planning so that they won’t just have multiple children without a clue of how they will care for them later, especially if unemployed?

White people in South Africa seem to know how to care for their children, even whilst they have to deal with draconian BEE legislation which discriminates against them and their children, which makes it impossible for them to find jobs. All whilst having to pay high taxes to subsidize the black population, including extra costs like having to pay for private security to try to stay alive. As a result they economize and have fewer children – quite logical really. Many have no children at all! However thanks to the “no borders” “anti-racism” ideology of the left, this logic puts the white population at risk of extinction, hence the term white genocide…

You Mr Mackenzie, are an elitist justifying crime. Period. By justifying crime you are contributing to the demand culture which will lead to more victims of crime. Just be glad that that poor “victim” who shot you did not take your life and left you a mere statistic like hundreds of thousands of other South Africans. You, Mr Liberal, are out of touch.


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