VIDEO: “CoronaVirus Does Not Kill Black People” – Soweto Civil Rights Group HBR Takes Ramaphosa To Court Over #COVID19 #Lockdown

While “BlackTwitter” as it is known in South Africa, have been spreading the myth that blacks cannot get CoronaVirus for weeks, it seems this misinformation has seriously taken hold amongst the black majority! This is probably the reason Ramaphosa had to rope in the army to enforce the lockdown.

A civil society group from Soweto called the Hola Bon Renaissance (HBR) Foundation, has taken Cyril Ramaphosa to the Constitutional Court over the 21-day lockdown in SA!

The lockdown was implemented at midnight on Thursday 26 March and prevents people from leaving their homes for anything other than essential services in an attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus.


Watch video here if it does not load:


According to an article by the Sunday Times, the HBR group argues the lockdown is unconstitutional and that the COVID-19 virus “poses no serious threat to the country and its people”.

HBR Foundation believes that COVID-19 cannot be harmful to Africans,” the foundation said.

HBR’s argument is based on spurious reports which incorrectly state some people are resistant to COVID-19 based on criteria such as country of origin.

However the COVID-19 corona virus is potentially dangerous to all people – it is a global pandemic which has spread to almost every country around the world.

HBR has previously lost a case in the Constitutional Court in 2011, when they argued that Soweto should get its own municipality. Clearly their donors need to think about how their donated money is being wasted…


Corona Virus Made in China


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