VIDEO: Your Phone is Now an ANC Spy! Ramaphosa Says ANC Will Use YOUR Cellphone To Track You & Possibly Force You Into Quarantine, Like Communist China Did!

Your phone is now an ANC spy! No, this is NOT an April Fools joke. It might be best to leave your phone at home so it does not betray you to the new ANC police state. Ramaphosa announced during his address to the nation that they will sweep aside your rights to privacy, like they did with private property rights, when they use your cellphone data which they could get from the cellphone towers and ISP’s, to track and triangulate your movements to see where you have been and when you were there! Funny they cannot do it to trace criminals to a crime scene?

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT COMMUNIST CHINA DID! The Chinese Communist regime uses people’s cellphone data, APPS & QR codes to decide whether your travel history puts you at risk and liable to be quarantined – and the people themselves had to pay for the Quarantine!

Ramaphosa said “A large scale screening drive will be undertaken by 10,000 workers who will be deployed to the homes to screen people.”

Using mobile technology, an extensive tracing system will be rapidly deployed, to trace those who have been in contact with confirmed CoronaVirus cases, and to monitor the geographical location of new cases in real time. This drive is far reaching, it is intensive and it is unprecedented in scale...

Be very afraid.



The Chinese government has increasingly been using CCTV, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to study citizens’ behaviour – their hopes, fears and faces.

This is now coming to South Africa! CoronaVirus is a godsend to Cyril and the totalitarian cadres in the ANC and their SACP cabinet ministers! Are we sure it is just facemasks and goggles that NASPERS is buying from China for R 1 Billion? Remember NASPERS (News24) has previously given over customer data to Chinese authorities from its Tencent platform in China – some of the people whose data was handed over, have never been seen again!

Already 2,000 people have been arrested across the country for non-compliance with the lock-down regulations since Friday. Are draconian measures by law enforcement officials necessary to ensure that lock-down regulations are adhered and enforced?

Four people who swore at Bheki Cele on a video were detained!

And it is not about to end anytime soon! Cyril said it himself on his Twitter:
“It is now abundantly clear that the most effective way for a society to contain the spread of the disease is for the population to remain at home and physically isolated from each other FOR AT LEAST SEVERAL WEEKS”!

Your phone is ANC Spy


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