Voting DA, then think again! – DA in total denial about farm murders and farm attacks – DA Abroad condemns white genocide and any actions and protests arranged to address the matter

The public statement by the DA’s foreign branch (DA Abroad) condemning any mention of a white genocide and of any actions and protests arranged to address the matter, sparked outrage on the social media.

Front National clearly identified a “local” feeling that South Africans abroad, after a while, lose an understanding of the realities of what is happening in South Africa.

The DA is struggling. Polls indicate that their support dropped from 23% to as low as 11% ahead of the 2019 election. The party, who lost 9 councillors in Cape Town in less than a week, claiming that the DA is “racist” and dominated by whites, clearly fails to break through the glass wall separating liberal whites from black voters. Narratives, such as in the statement by the DA Abroad, drives the traditional white voter away and the ongoing tragicomedy around Patricia de Lille now also drove the coloured vote away! Nothing remains.

Who are the politicians behind this shortsighted statement?

The DA Abroad is under the leadership of two “politicians” by the names of Renette Booyens and Francine Higham doing their work in the United Kingdom and the USA. Ms Higham, for example, used the opportunity of the Springbok rugby match this weekend to canvass support for the DA in the election next year.

It is a pity that the leadership of the DA in South Africa took no stand against the intolerant statement by the DA Abroad denying people the right to protest against a situation which they experience every day, while the members of the DA Abroad at most read about it on the social media and form an opinion based on that.

The sad thing about the entire situation is this: Politics is fundamentally a process of opposing ideas voiced through public debate in an attempt to convince the voter. That is the very essence of the freedom of speech and of democracy. The two ladies of the DA Abroad, unfortunately, are also very active members of a very venomous Facebook group called “Busting the myth of white genocide in SA.”

While we at Front National obviously do not support the opinions of this group, we respect their right to such opinions. Unfortunately such respect is not reciprocated. This group orchestrates actions to report and close the forums of activists and groups voicing a different opinion from theirs.

It is ironical, really, that liberals, while the word “liberal” comes from the Latin term for “freedom”, cannot debate an opposing point of view or defend their own, but rather prefers to take away the opponent’s right to voice his or her opinion. This cannot possibly be “liberal” or “democratic” and in the actions of these two amateur politicians of the DA they betray the very “democratic” nature in the name of the party.

That, we have to accept, is condoned by the leadership of the DA and that is why the DA is caught in a free fall without the parachute opening. Pity for their sake that the parachute is of foreign make.

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