WATCH: AfriForum talks about farm murders on Sky News – Horrific facts on farm murders in SA and ANC regimes denial are now going vital internationally

In this video by AfriForum we see Ian Cameron on Sky News Australia. The facts are horrific. “The South African government and especially President Cyril Ramaphosa’s blatant denial of farm murders is viewed here by most mainstream role players as a disgrace. We are now relating the stories of people whose lives have been and are still being destroyed by a government who has turned its back on these victims,” says Ian Cameron, AfriForum Head of Community Safety. Ian shares details and images of some of the violent attacks, associated cruelty and torture.

Ian shares vital information on an international media site as momentum grows with the spreading the message internationally about the violent farm attacks, murders, torture and rape. Representatives of AfriForum are currently in Australia as part of this civil rights organisation’s international campaign against farm murders, where they are relating the stories of victims of farm attacks and farm murders.

South Africa Today – South Africa Media