WATCH | #BlackMonday: Farm murder protesters set to ask Donald Trump for help

A very subdued #BlackMonday protest has seen white South Africans march to the US Embassy in Pretoria, in a bid to halt farm murders.

The subdued demos have seen the group march to the American Embassy in Pretoria, to hand over a memorandum which asks Donald Trump for intervention on this topic.

On a serious note, the protesters say they feel threatened by the proclamations of the EFF, and Julius Malema in particular. One Conservative Party member attending the rally in Gauteng says that the heightened rhetoric from Juju has got them wanting to secede from Mzansi itself.

Valerie Byliefeldt is the leader of the Conservative Party’s Limpopo branch. She told eNCA that the idea of independence is on the table due to safety concerns raised by Malema – who has metaphorically threatened to “slit the throat of whiteness” – and their opposition to land expropriation without compensation:

“I don’t feel safe, nor at home in South Africa. The white minority group have been given a warning by the EFF. We are offended by Malema’s statements. Farmers did not steal this land from anyone in SA, there’s enough land for government to give to these people, so why is it only being taken from white people or farmers?”

The truth is, Cyril Ramaphosa has openly stated that the ANC will initially look to seize land that is disused. A good case in point is from the Ekurhuleni mayor, who has identified several plots of land for expropriation that have been lying dormant.