WHITE BOERS: We Have Had Enough Of The ANC (Ramaphosa) And Malema’s Land Grab Threats!

WHITE BOERS: We Have Had Enough Of ANC (Ramaphosa)And Malema’s Land Grab Threats

THE fight for land ownership is reaching fever pitch – it has become “a war against the Boer Afrikaner people”, the Boer Afrikaner Volksraad warned the ANC.  The Afrikaner activist group says it will not recognize any law that makes nationalization of land without compensation legal, even if it comes from Parliament.

“Deprivation, dispossession and occupation of our country in terms of any law shall be considered formal acts of war against the Boer Afrikaner people, which we have to defend against and retaliate with internationally accepted means and methods in order to ensure our ownership and recovery,” wrote the organisation in Afrikaans.

This comes after the EFF on Tuesday called for the expropriation of land without compensation in Parliament. The motion was tabled by EFF leader Julius Malema, who called for Black people to unite in ensuring that section 25 of the constitution is amended so as to make it constitutionally possible to nationalize South African land without compensation. However, ANC member of Parliament Phumuzile NgwenyaMabila immediately said in her speech that the ruling party understood the history of “land dispossession”.

She said the idea of land expropriation without compensation remained unconstitutional, and she also disagreed with the proposition by the EFF to amend section 25. As it stands, section 25 of the constitution prohibits expropriation of land without compensation. Section 25, subsection 3 saysThe amount of the compensation and the time and manner of payment must be just and equitable, reflecting an equitable balance between the public interest and the interests of those affected, having regard to all relevant circumstances.”

The Boer Afrikaner Volksraad also said the lack of action being taken against farm murders would be seen “as an act of hostility against the white population”. “Since time immemorial it was the accepted right of all people to defend their territorial integrity against such abuses, as Britain did for example in 1982 when Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. 

“Similarly, there are many examples in the history of third parties who intervened to protect the territorial integrity of small nations against States and Governments that their superiors may abuse to rob others. A recent example is the US-led Gulf War of 1990-1991 against Iraq when the latter Kuwait was annexed.

“The fact is that this has been researched on several occasions in the well-documented history of land occupation and land ownership in South Africa, and can be easily checked. Nevertheless, the ANC has repeatedly claimed that the land we own was stole from Black people. 

“Therefore, any act of Parliament that allows expropriation of our land or any other property without compensation, or even compensation for purposes other than that which is essential for the creation of physical infrastructure, [will be] deemed legalization of theft of our property”. 

“We will not recognize it as legitimate legislation, and in the light of the aforesaid statements by Government spokespeople and the lack of the political will of the Government to act strongly in order to fight farm attacks (which is in itself a hostile failure against which retaliation would be fair), we will take it as an act of hostility against the White population.”

Tribal Migrations

The map of South Africa indicated that in 1652 the most southern tip of Africa, when the Dutch arrived, was occupied by the Koisan – and definitely NOT by any of Ramaphosa  or Malema’s “ancestors!” It is a historical fact that the Zulu murdered, raped and stole from many individuals of smaller tribes – took their land and cattle and made them slaves.  SO, who just stole who’s land?


A man named Piet van Zyl has steadily been gathering views on YouTube after posting a video message aimed directly at EFF leader Julius Malema. He describes himself as an avid rugby and Springbok supporter.  He says in Afrikaans in the video: “Julius! You call us Afrikaner boys. I am a Boerseun (Afrikaner boy). I’m proud to be a Boerseun.  I’m not a farmer, I don’t have a farm.

“Those little guys who put you on a rock when you were talking about us when you were addressing people in the Free State in khaki clothing … those are Afrikaner boys, you need to be careful of them. Let me give you some good advice. Hulle gaan jou laat kak wat jy nog nooit in jou geeet het nie. The Orange Free State has always been the [Boer Republic] Orange Free State and it will always remain the Orange Free State. There wasn’t a Black person in sight when the first Voortrekker wagons moved through there. The Zulus lived in Ulundi in Northern Natal and the Xhosas on the Fish River Border and you and your ancestors were apparently in the mountains. I believe that your people scavenged for scorpions under rocks in order to make a living.

“You say we should go and pray to our ancestors. I don’t pray to my ancestors, I have a God, a living God, and I pray to my God. Before the big fight begins, I am just going to pray that my bullets follow a straight path, Julius. You say we should be scared of you; we are not scared of you. That’s the biggest mistake you and your supporters make: to think we are scared of you.”

“The fact that you murder and mutilate old people on farms – people of 60, 70 and older, do not make you heroes.  It makes you a f*****g bunch of fools. I am telling this this to your face: you’re a fool, the biggest one I’ve ever seen in my life.” 

He further challenged Malema to “bring it on”, anywhere, anytime. You are just a f*****g f**khead. Bye.”

Gerda Herbst of Malmesbury – Cape Town said that on Friday night at approximately 07:00pm the previous  night an all-out alert went out for an imminent farm attack in the Dasssenberg Area – N7 – Malmesbury, 59km outside Cape Town. Key respondents went in action. A gang of approximately 20 black terrorists moved through the area. On their farm 2 security guards were stabbed and shot. Shots were also fired at her family.  The Police from Malmesbury and farmers in the area responded immediately to assist throughout the night. Injured personnel were taken to the Swartland Hospital. Situation at the moment is very volatile. All people in the area have been placed on alert !!!

by: White Nation/Pretoria