Who Does ANC Sports Minister Mbalula Think He Is? All International Sports Bodies Prohibit Political Interference in Sport.


The two groups say all international sports bodies prohibit any form of political interference in sport.

Trade union Solidarity and civil rights organisation Afriforum are this morning expected to announce a legal challenge against sports quotas in South Africa.

Last month, Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula placed a race based ban on Athletics SA, SA Rugby, Cricket South Africa and Netball SA, preventing them from hosting any major international tournament.

This was after they failed to reach their race based transformation targets.

But Solidarity and Afriforum say all international sports bodies prohibit any form of political interference in sport, and there are no laws to support such a ban.

Solidarity CEO Dirk Herman says, “To look nationally, the only act that regulates employment in sport is the Employment Equity Act, specifically if you look at Affirmative Action in sport, and therefore it’s necessary to also align yourself with that specific legislature.”

Last month, Mbalula said he would withdraw funding from South Africa’s major sports bodies if race based transformation targets are not met.

He said the department will only reconsider the decision after the results of the 2016/17 race based barometer and that a host of other punitive measures will be implemented for any further non-compliance of these racist draconian measures.

Mbalula said these measure will affect some of the smaller codes, adding that no sporting code can host a major event without the blessing of government.

The minister claimed the department is well within its rights to impose the measures.