Why Africans Should Never Have Nuclear! Bomb Goes Off Under Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe As Bankrupt NECSA Board Suddenly Resigns!

When it comes to nuclear, there is no such thing as leaving things to chance or not having ample room, and money, to cover all the bases. It became clear the ANC regime has no clue what this means as the NECSA board resigned, amidst information that NECSA is totally bankrupt. As the rats jump ship, will we ever find out what THEY did with all the money? Or is Gwede simply not up to the job of budgeting for his department, having been warned June last year?

It is patently obvious now why the Apartheid government got rid of their nuclear bombs BEFORE giving the country to blacks, especially with the 118 BEE and affirmative action laws and regulations, making it illegal to employ whites in government departments, meaning there are not many Europeans about to keep an eye on things. The atom bomb was thrown under Gwede Mantashe, the energy minister’s bum on Wednesday, when it became known that the board of Necsa, which is the National Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa’s board suddenly resigned. Sources in Necsa had told Netwerk24 that Necsa is totally bankrupt and won’t be able to pay salaries at the end of Januworry.

Netwerk24 has also been privy to a letter which Necsa’s board wrote to Mantashe on 9 January, which confirmed Necsa’s lack of funds. According to the letter, Necsa only had just over R9 million in cash on 3 January. However Necsa had over R25 million in due payments outstanding between 3 January and 7 January, leaving Necsa with over R16 million in the red. Necsa had a further amount of over R5 million owed to creditors at that date.

Necsa has to pay out R197 million in the period between 7 January and the end of March 2020, which includes items such as salaries and payments to creditors like Eskom. A source claimed that the board resigned for the reason that salaries can’t be paid, so they are cutting and running, leaving Mantashe with the mess. Mantashe responded on Twitter, posting a video in which he says the board can go if they want, he won’t stop them. His feed seems to indicate he is more concerned with visiting schools(?) and partying with the ANC birthday celebrations… no room for crisis then…

The directors that resigned are Pulane Kingston, Mathlodi Ngwenya, Pulane Molokwane and Bishen Singh. Dr Rob Adam, the previous chairman of Necsa, resigned in June 2019. Adam told Parliament’s portfolio committee on energy in March last year that Necsa is heading for bankruptcy if things aren’t turned around soon, so Parliament knew well in advance, yet Gwede just sat on it?

Necsa is also responsible for the production of medical isotopes by its National Technical Products subsidiary. Isotopes are used in the treatment of cancer. A spokesperson of the VF+, Dr Wynand Boshoff, has pointed out that this production facility is an important earner of foreign currency for the country. Clearly, if the ANC can’t see it, or spend it, or consume it, it obviously does not exist to them…

ANC top 5
The Mafia: The ANC top six from left is Jessie Duarte, Ace Mashule, Gwede Mantashe, Cyril Ramaphosa, David Mabuza and Paul Mashatile, during the ANC elective conference. Picture: SIMPHIWE NKWALI/ Sunday Times


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