Will Trump Still Send $312,000,000 to South Africa EVERY YEAR after SA Parliament Approved Expropriation of White Owned Land Without Compensation?

South Africa, the last sh*thole African domino has fallen despite warnings, just like after Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, etc. etc.

Mark Steyn on Fox News warns of an impending escalation of African migrants to Europe now that the last powerhouse economy of Africa has fallen to greed, despotism and communist totalitarianism. Yet still the USA finances South Africa to the whopping tune of over $300,000,000 in foreign aid every year! The West subsidizes and funds these “sh*tholes”.

Maybe it is time we started questioning the motives of our own Western (deep state) governments? Certainly the dismantling of Apartheid had very little to do with Racism, but more to do with a power play and the destruction of a regional power. When the day comes to setup the New World Order One World Government, corrupt despotic African governments will be forced to submit with the mere flick of the wrist, or waving of a few dollars… Keep them weak and dependent for now.

Clearly reason, logic and caution have been thrown under the bus by South African blacks who now bay like hungry hyenas lusting after land they will never get. They do not seem to be able to check their greed and selfishness long enough to realize that communism is about the land going into State ownership. They themselves will get nothing but the opportunity to rent land from the ANC regime and will stay poor and landless. They are also blinded by promises from despotic and corrupt leaders, yet again. (Mandela promised them the earth and never delivered). South African bantu probably think Lenin is some kind of rice…

They are also too polarized and brainwashed by mainstream media to know that they have been fed a program of propaganda and lies over the decades in order to enable exactly what is happening now to happen, they are being used and will never realize it because they will always be blaming the white man for the failures of their own leaders, who are only interested in their turn to feast at the table (The African Way).n White people are the perfect straw man.

They are far too programmed to reasonably and logically question what is happening, not stopping to look for facts to substantiate anything.

England did a census in 1911 when there was only 4 million African people in South Africa, and 2.5 million coloreds and whites. Now there are 40 Million Africans and about 10 million minorities.

The Afrikaner Boer nation is older than the Zulu or Xhosa nation – a historic fact. The Europeans in the Cape only came across the southerly migrating bantu 100 years after arriving in the Cape and 1,000 kilometres to the East.

Clearly this is an out of control situation that is only going to get worse, and the longer the World continues to ignore it, the bigger will be their guilt when the “SHTF” as it has in so many other African countries. France was warned about Rwanda, but they too chose to ignore it and remained stubbornly silent…

Political correctness has gone so far overboard that not only is a European Farmer in South Africa statistically FOUR times more likely to be murdered than a South African Police Officer, but there are 118 Laws and Regulations issued by the SA government which exclude European South Africans in everything from Employment, Education, Civil Service, Media and even Sport Quotas, all based on race! (Is Statutory Racism now acceptable to the World? Would Apartheid be acceptable now then?)

Yet, still white South Africans are not allowed to claim Asylum anywhere because UNHCR claims that it is a “safe country, even though the Geneva Convention itself states that countries must offer refuge to citizens that are being oppressed based on their race…

Clearly anyone who still thinks that the UN or any other so called august body, actually intends to do what it purportedly claims to be its mission, is suffering from severe brainwashing. World Supremacy is the only agenda here…

Don. V

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