Will Zuma end like Qaddafi who was killed in a Western driven false color revolution that wants to give Malema the power?

Are you prepared and ready for when Zuma, like Qaddafi, possibly meets a cruel and violent fate being killed in a Western driven “color revolution” that wants Malema to take the reigns of power? Indeed, events in Libya and more recently in Ukraine and now Brazil are very applicable to South Africa.

1994 is happening again, but this time whites are only spectators, although they are portrayed as the “straw man” target to get the revolution going and give it momentum. (Our little verbal battles, backstabbing, white guilt, attempts at saving the nation and traitor-ships are all irrelevant).

South Africa is once again the victim of a proxy battle between world powers, but this time there are no peace loving Whites, that will give up their country for the hope of peace in a CODESA style capitulation(although that is what is happening in Europe now). There is however, an egotistical Mandela roleplayer that wants fame and power who will allow the world money power to keep their interests, just like Mandela did.

This time the world money forces are using black against black in a proxy war and whites in South Africa are only the mock target to incite the revolution, however whites will pay for much of it with taxes and will (or already are) “collateral damage”.

The sides have already been chosen, and the line is drawn in the sand. On one side is the “English Sausage” Malema with his EFF and the DA and five other smaller parties, on the other side is Zuma and the ANC who are hard at work building up anti-Western alliances.

The recent plague of violence that has plagued Universities is no coincidence, and is a natural continuation of the NUMSA breakaway and EFF’s disruption in Parliment. It is being cold-bloodedly planned and orchestrated from Wits University, Freedom House (in USA and South Africa) and the University of Johannesburg with Business Day and the Mail & Guardian. Even Gwede Mantashe himself said a while back that a third force from USA is working on the campuses, apparently he’s right and George Soros’s “Open Society”, or money, is hard at work, as well as a certain Serbian who was in Serbia and later in Ukraine behind the revolutions there.

There is classic deliberate destabilization under way, with the use of black pawns or “useful idiots” who are clueless that their so-called color revolution against “White Capital”, is part of a farce precisely for the exact opposite: keeping the Capital out of Africa’s control, same as in 1994.


How stupid (and treacherous) liberal whites look now, participating in yet another mock color revolution conned into destroying their own countries?

If people have not yet realized that SA, like many other countries, is in the crossfire, and will soon look like Libya or Ukraine, then no amount of warnings will help.

Which side should we choose? Whilst both sides pursue a socialist model to obtain power, ironically the Zuma side, but the chances that it will prevail against a centuries old supremacist power are slim… rather remain out of sight under the radar for now and prepare and take care of our own people.

What are we to do? We must come together and rally and congregate, if possible to the Cape. We must become self-sufficient, leave the cities, get off the grid and lookout for each other and defend and work together. There are surely dark days ahead.

We recently saw a taste of this power play at work in Brazil where the “Establishment” removed the President through the use of mass media and pressure from big business…

Will the “Establishment” allow Trump to win in the US? Certainly not, his assassination (character or otherwise) has also been vaunted already… and fortunately, or unfortunately, it is these people in whose way Zuma and ANC are standing…

Don Deon

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Is jy reg vir wanneer Zuma, soos Qaddafi vermoor word, in ‘n Westerse gedrewe kleur rewolusie wat Malema die mag wil gee?