#WinterCometh COVID-19 aka CCPvirus Far More Widespread Than ANC Stats Claim & Could Require Longer or Second #Lockdown in Winter!

WILL CCP VIRUS KILL ANC VIRUS? While the West, with its liberal indulgence & open borders is currently being punished very hard for this “progressiveness”, as SA-News predicted a few weeks ago, China would be the best case scenario for the CCPvirus, because China is a technological yet totalitarian controlled society and the outside world can only guess at the true figure of infections & deaths in a country with 1.4 Billion people, which is about the same as the whole of Africa! As we predicted, the CCPvirus is likely about to wreak absolute havoc in Africa, and the very thin layer of ANC control is about to be exposed, revealing the fact that their influence over their people, is only as thin as the paper money they use to bribe and buy votes with grants.

It is almost certain South Africa will never be the same again after this coming winter. The fundamental thing South Africans are about to learn though, is whether the ANC will resort to hardline totalitarian communist tactics, like their Chinese Communist Party (CCP) counterparts did in China, to control the outbreak, or will they too become a victim? The fact that not a single imported case of CCPvirus from China has been reported, suggests the worst… “pending travel history” seems to be the new name for China? The strange celebrations from ANC cadres on the eve of the lockdown, also hints at the coming totalitarianism in South Africa, using the virus as an excuse. The famous saying about communists rings true, they will break your leg then offer you a crutch so that you are grateful and indebted to them. The question still remains whether the ANC are actually capable of implementing a communist regime…

There have already been reports of a man beaten to death in Kenya because the mob thought he had the Chinese virus, even though he was only drunk! When dealing with a primitive society like the majority in South Africa, lockdown is absolutely unavoidable and an extension of the existing lockdown (likely in the midst of a catastrophic infection rate) or second a one might even be needed as #WinterCometh. The absolute necessity of lockdown was also echoed by Rowan Burger, who is an actuary and strategic planner for Momentum Investments who spoke to Rapport.

According to Burger, up to 9,000 people in South Africa may already have COVID-19 but because of the incubation period of 2 weeks, may not know they have it because they show no symptoms yet. All of them will in the meantime infect other people, so a lockdown to restrict movement is at this stage is inevitable. SA-News believes it is far more than that but most people do not have the R1,800 to pay for a test and many just think it is a bad bout of flu.The ANC will also follow the communist copy book from China and not be forthcoming with the true figures.

Just over 1,200 have officially tested positive for the Chinese virus so far in South Africa, and Burger says his calculations show why the positive infection rate is doubling every 3 days in South Africa. Burger says according to his calculations, up to 200,000 people will die from the Chinese virus if there was no lockdown. Burger says his calculation of 200,000 deaths – in the case of no lockdown – factored in that people would take more precautions to prevent the spread of the virus like washing hands and isolating more voluntarily. A lockdown forces people to take the deadly threat seriously.

Burger says the reason that the Chinese virus is so dangerous is that many people in South Africa are not healthy and have poor diets. Many people have existing conditions like HIV, TB, high blood pressure and diabetes. Pneumonia and Leukemia are two more risk categories. Their risk of dying from the Chinese virus is bigger. As Burger also points out, this is exacerbated by the fact that South Africa does not have enough hospital beds to accommodate everyone that would become sick without a strict lockdown. This is true even under normal circumstances! Burger suggests the reason that many people who have contracted COVID-19 so far are not critically ill is because we are still in summer and that winter conditions and the accompanying influenza would make the Chinese virus far more deadly. Burger says if the current lockdown is not successful enough, it could make another lockdown unavoidable in June or July of this year.

You might be asking why it is being called the CCPvirus? The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China has done its level best to deny that the virus started in China, and even pulled the racecard when people were calling it the ChineseVirus, They even tried to claim it came from USA! As a result of this global cover up, many activists in China itself, some of whom have disappeared) started calling it the CCPvirus because at the end of the day, the responsibility for this scourge lies with the Chinese Communist Party, who tried to hide the virus in its early days (November last year), instead of warning the rest of the world. Indeed there are now a few lawsuits against China for this very reason.

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