VIDEO: #WhitePrivilege Does not Exist but #BlackPrivilege Does! #BLM & BBBEE Affirmative Action is Doing More Harm Than Good to Blacks!

LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD: Does Chinese Privilege exist in

VIDEO: “Farm Murderers Paid by ANC & EFF To Kill” Says Zimbabwean Truck Driver in SA, on His Way To Canada!

A sound recording received by SA-News, which cannot be

#Blackwash Roll Call of #FarmMurders & #FarmAttacks Totally Ignored as Liberal World’s Virtue Signaling Reaches Existential Proportions!

DO WHITE LIVES MATTER? Farm attacks and murders have

How “Anti-Racism” Handicaps Blacks. Blacks & Liberal Whites Should Stop Treating Blacks like Disabled People!

Running Faster: A noteworthy piece posted on

VIDEO: “We Muslims are the New Black People of America!” – Blacks Being Brainwashed into Attacking Whites for Islam’s Global Jihad!

BLM is currently more popular than both the Republican

#WhiteLivesMatter Systemic Black on White Violence Like Farm Murders, are Deliberately Ignored as Black Supremacist Hysteria Hijacks Social Media, Mainstream & The Establishment!

#FactsMatter - White males simply do NOT rape, torture

#WhiteLivesMatterToo Whites Hacked, Stabbed, Raped, Tortured & Murdered by Blacks in SA in Same Week as #GeorgeFloyd Looting! MSM Silent!


Racist ANC Hides Behind Globalist “Anti-Racism” Campaign – Traitors & Useful Idiots to Wear Black!

The ANC has seen anther opportunity to hide their

The #GeorgeFloyd Opportunity to Turn USA into a Sh*thole like SA, with Murder, Crime, Corruption, Consumerism & Communism!

The Africanization of America: It is not hard to

More Unreported Murders. Is Murder Now So Common & Boring That Mainstream Media Doesn’t Bother Reporting it, or is it Just Not Profitable in The “Mass Market”?

In the media world there is a saying: