Racist ANC Hides Behind Globalist “Anti-Racism” Campaign – Traitors & Useful Idiots to Wear Black!

The ANC has seen anther opportunity to hide their

VIDEO: SA Lockdown and Tobacco Wars are About Political Power, NOT Saving Lives! Ramaphosa’s NWO/WMC versus Zuma’s Communist Mobsters!

A recording has been received by SA-News in which

Colonisation 2.0! African Union is European Union in Disguise, but Does Anyone Care, as Long as the Handouts Keeps Flowing?

#AUisNotAfrica! The pan-africanist African Union's Africa Day celebrations were

#MakeChinaPay: While SA Establishment Kisses China’s B*tt, The Rest of Africa Wakes Up To #CommunistCreep, Chinese Racism & Faulty Chinese Kits!

#AreYouKidding? Would a goat and pawpaw test positive for

#WinterCometh COVID-19 aka CCPvirus Far More Widespread Than ANC Stats Claim & Could Require Longer or Second #Lockdown in Winter!


Five Grandparents Including 3 Farmers Brutally Murdered in Five Days in “Progressive” South Africa, But We Are Told To Worry About #CoronaVirus?

What kind of a so called "nation" is SA,

THIS Video Will Make ALL South Africans “The Moer In!” – SA has been plundered for an entire century, and still is…

For an ENTIRE Century, South Africa has been the

VIDEO: After Years of “Struggle” to Conquer SA, Black South Africans Violently Say No To Enforced Mass Immigration, Still Everyone Ignores Them. SA on the brink!

Video Shows Jules Street, Malvern, Johannesburg, after the weekend's

Traitor Malema Sells Out His Own People To Globalism! Just Like De Klerk, Mandela, Tony Blair, Merkel, Obama…

Julius Malema, the deliberately controversial leader of the deliberately