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Cold Hard Truth: American chat shows are well known

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A sound recording received by SA-News, which cannot be

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BLM is currently more popular than both the Republican

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A recording has been received by SA-News in which

VIDEO: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Asks South Africa To Stop Cuba’s Human Trafficking of Cuban Medical Workers & to Pay Them Directly!

In a scathing indictment of the ANC regimes communist

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#FreedomDay When Will Black South Africans Take off Their

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While "BlackTwitter" as it is known in South Africa,

VIDEO: “Hug a Chinese” Activists Blamed For Italy’s High #CoronaVirus Infections as Cyril & The Pro China Left Try Bullsh*t The Virus With Virtue Signalling & PC Speeches!

As Italy's shocking death toll eclipses even China's, we

VIDEO: #PongolaHero Good Guy With a Gun Saves 24 Lives and Prevents Massacre at Sports Bar in Pongola! Mainstream Media Silent?

On Friday night, March 6, a potentially horrific incident

Traitor Malema Sells Out His Own People To Globalism! Just Like De Klerk, Mandela, Tony Blair, Merkel, Obama…

Julius Malema, the deliberately controversial leader of the deliberately