VIDEO: #WhitePrivilege Does not Exist but #BlackPrivilege Does! #BLM & BBBEE Affirmative Action is Doing More Harm Than Good to Blacks!

LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD: Does Chinese Privilege exist in

Soweto is 1,000 Times More Racist Than Orania! Yet Lesufi, The Afrikaans Hating Black Supremacist Threatens Orania’s Constitutional Right To Exist!

While schools burn down in Gauteng, it's black supremacist

Racist ANC Hides Behind Globalist “Anti-Racism” Campaign – Traitors & Useful Idiots to Wear Black!

The ANC has seen anther opportunity to hide their

Billionaire Ramaphosa Says SA Economy is Racist? He’s Right! BBBEE Makes it Structurally & Institutionally Racist!

Cyril Ramaphosa who became a Quadruple Billionaire by racebaiting,

VIDEO: SA Lockdown and Tobacco Wars are About Political Power, NOT Saving Lives! Ramaphosa’s NWO/WMC versus Zuma’s Communist Mobsters!

A recording has been received by SA-News in which

#LetThemEatCash! Ramaphosa Creating Historic Debt to Appease Township Masses! Faulty Test Stats & Cash Won’t Stop CCPvirus Nor Will it Protect Food Producers & Shops!

#CoronaClown: Despite having months to learn from what other

THIS Video Will Make ALL South Africans “The Moer In!” – SA has been plundered for an entire century, and still is…

For an ENTIRE Century, South Africa has been the